Mary N. Plymouth, MN

"I know I’m not unusual when I say that for over thirty years I’ve struggled with my weight - and more importantly, a sluggishness and lack of energy that I know was related in large part to my food choices. But even though I was aware of what was going on, and knew all the “right choices” to make, I was making no consistent headway at all - for all my efforts of trying.  A month ago, a few “synchronicity’s” led me to Sara the Habit Gal. I had just read “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg and my eyes were opened up to a new way of looking at our habits - that we aren’t just weak in willpower when we can’t change a habit, but that there are neurological/scientific reasons why our brains resist the change.

I knew that just reading the book and understanding the principals wouldn’t help me conquer this long-standing challenge, so when I became aware of Sara and her habit coaching practice, I just knew this is what was missing - someone who understood the science, who could be an educator, a trainer and a cheer-leader. The best part is that Sara tailors the program and our sessions to exactly what I need. She has a lot of knowledge and tools, but she knows just the right questions to ask that steer our conversation in the direction it needs to go. Many things are being uncovered that I hadn’t considered, that seem to be keys in unlocking some areas where I’ve been “stuck”.

After just 3 weeks working with Sara, I feel like I have begun a new life - one I knew was possible but always just out of reach. The success I’ve had with a few smaller habit goals (I’m down 4 pounds in 2 weeks!) is spilling over into other areas of my life, and I’m excited to see where this will lead!If you have struggled with any kind of habit, in any area of your life, I encourage you to reach out to Sara. Having her there for me, in my court, helping me, encouraging me and cheering me on has made all the difference!" 

"A" Minnesota


"I’m honored to work with Sara Brand, The Habit Gal for my Beautycounter Business. Her knowledge is invaluable and I’m really beginning to understand HOW to create a new habit. I struggle with my follow up process. Let’s be real, it can be fearful to pick up that phone, send the email, voice, or text your Clients. I was at at a big fat ZERO for months of not following up and now with Sara’s help, we’ve created a new “Follow up Habit” and I was able to make 29 client touches last month! I had AMAZING results with my clients where we caught up via voice, connected for java and some even placed ORDERS, which was a major BONUS. Sara really takes the time to get to understand YOU personally, listens and then helps to create a plan for your new habit. 

Whether it’s for business, emotional, physical, spiritual, or whatever you need, she’s THE “Habit Gal.” She’s amazing at keeping you accountable, helping you to tweak what works and doesn’t work. I appreciate her authentic self, truly adore and highly recommend Sara!"

"N" Minnesota

 "I started working with Sara just over 2 weeks ago. I had become fairly sedentary over the winter, my house and business was suffering, and honestly just a mess. I wanted to build in habits to be more productive, and get myself off the couch and out of my slump!
At our initial meeting Sara helped me break down my routine and pull out productive habits that I was doing already, just not consistently. The 2 habits we focused on (aromatherapy, and taking a shower in the morning) were small enough that I could do them daily and not feel overwhelmed and give up. I have been able to do them daily since our first visit, and not surprisingly I am way more productive in the morning! I accomplish more before 10am now than I was doing all day. Something I didn't expect to be affected was my mood. I am happier, sleeping better, and waking up excited to start the day. The habits may be small, but they have lead to big changes!
Working with Sara has been key to discovering beneficial habits, and helping me to understand how to shift the unwanted ones. She kindly holds me accountable by checking in, and is now helping me to work on bigger habits. Sara is an amazing habit coach, I can’t wait to see how else my life will change because of her!" 


Rachael, MN

"Sara is one of the most genuine, down to earth, faith-filled women I know. I followed her for almost a year incorporating her tips before I committed to coaching. I wanted to make sure she was the real deal and she definitely is!

I started working with Sara almost 6 months ago as a means of drastically turning my business around and creating good business habits (okay if I’m honest, I wanted a quick fix…). My sales were down, engagement with my customers was low, and I had lost much of my confidence. I expected to work on the habits that would bring instant results. Instead, we focused on the ONE thing that mattered most to business; planting seeds by touching base with customers regularly. The last six months were HARD. God used Sara to work on several deep personal struggles and self-limiting beliefs that would have caused me to quit. I wouldn’t be in business now without her encouragement. She reminded me of the constant need to try new things and to keep going even when the journey was challenging and emotionally painful, because right around the corner is a break though.

My business didn’t transform overnight, but I’m starting to see fruit. The beauty of this fruit is that it will last. When you connect with people and meet their needs, not just with a product, but as a friend, they walk with you forever! I treasure Sara and the friend she has become through our coaching relationship.

Thank you, Sara for encouraging me to be myself and live life with purpose; not just my purpose, but God’s purpose!"

”Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  -Galations 6:9

Amber, MN

"Every time I hear Sara speak, it blows my mind. She has such unique information and is incredibly knowledgeable of it. When I needed to lead a monthly training for a group of Premier Designs Jewelry Stylists, I thought of Sara as our guest trainer because I knew these ladies would more than benefit hearing her coach us. She was easy to connect with leading up to the training, really listening to the needs of our business. Sara is accommodating, flexible, and so enjoyable to work with. She truly has a heart of gold and even in a room full of people, it is evident that she wants to help every single person to be the very best version of him/herself they are meant to be."