"Sara is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  She makes her audience feel comfortable and encourages active dialogue.  Sara is so down to earth and uses language that is easy to understand.

This topic is one that everyone can benefit from because we all have habits we would like to change.  After the training many parents talked to me about how beneficial it was to them, not only to change their own way of looking at habits but also how habits are formed with their children. "

-Sarah Fritsch| Early Childhood Programs Big Lake Schools


Habits are in every area of our lives, both professionally and personally.

The great thing about habits is that they conserve energy. That's why the brain tries to 'compartmentalize' your actions and spare some unnecessary efforts. When we have habits that do not help move us towards our goals, we want the anecdote to rewrite them. Furthermore, we simply need to understand how habits form, how we can change them, or how we can begin a brand new, healthy habit.

The neuroscience behind habit formation, in my opinion (and a very strong one at that), is something that should have been taught to us in high school. It is the life hack that holds the key to change. It begs us to go deeper into what drives our actions and the passion behind our behaviors. 

When I speak to groups or businesses, I speak directly about habits that are essential to the focus of the group. Yet, the overall education can easily seep into all areas of your life and improve it on a compounding scale.


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