Sara, aka "The Habit Gal"


My Journey

Countless times in my life I had tried to achieve the same goals, and every time I fell short. Most of my endeavors were like others' goals: be healthy and more productive. Yet, I couldn't get my behaviors to stick. That's when my own frustrations with myself led me to learn more about habits and how we form them, attain them, and change them. My desire to continue to understand has lead me on this path to help others with the same questions.

My Training

Tiny Habits Academy is an extensive behavior coaching certification program, designed by brother-sister team, Stanford University professor BJ Fogg, PhD, and Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S. The duo has empowered more than 28,000 habit coaches since 2011. This specialty training is designed to give habit coaches the knowledge, education and all the tools and resources they need to successfully work with individuals desiring a positive and lasting change in their lives. 

My Life

Hello! Every 6 months of so I come onto my website to touch up or update my Bio, and I am always amazed with how much I'm changing habits and evolving myself and my business in such a short period of time!

In order to operate at my personal standard of life, I use a triangular technique of self care (the same one I teach) and am focused on mind, body, and soul and how they work together for optimal health and working towards your perfect unfoldment. I believe in and pray to God and the angels every day. I also believe in energy and the universal laws that connect us all. I have questioned them all within myself.  I found God through cardinals (true story!) and I use oracle cards, journaling, and meditation to help guide me and keep me listening to my inner voice. I have very strict and strong limits on social media because I find it to be  unhealthy without proper boundaries in place.  I'm a connector who would rather pick up the phone or see you in person, and believe I will always be that way. 

I connect more with exercise now as a way to keep anxiety and overthinking in the wings. My favorite workout is on a rowing machine. Chiropractor visits with acupuncture are an optimal part of my self care routine. I play on a few volleyball leagues, a bean bag league with my husband,  and love a great 6 a.m. walk outdoors. I volunteer at Westwood Community Church as a Children's Ministry volunteer lead each Sunday.

I love speaking and talking in general, not just for work. I am an avid reader (three books per month) and love doing puzzles with a glass of red wine. My favorite TV shows are Parks & Rec, Downton Abbey, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

My business as a life coach is a vehicle towards my bigger purpose to help people through their own spiritual awakening and personal unlearnings. 

I am married and have three daughters. I have lived in Minnesota all but 1 year of my life (a part of my heart may always live in Colorado) and aspire to travel with my husband and children so they can see that not everyone eats hamburgers and speaks English. 

My favorite quote is " Fear is a liar."